About the Team

As an online Halloween retailer devoted to making shopping scary simple, Deja Boo is operated by frightening folks across New England and now around the world. Meet the founding Deja Boo Crew!  

Mark Arvanigian

Fright Founder & CEO

Founder and President creating efficient and effective business operations with over 21 years of Halloween industry experience.
Mark has been responsible for bringing creepy concepts to life for over 20 years. As the founder of Morbid Industries and FrightCatalog.com, Mark provided oversight of product development and marketing initiatives, while managing business operations, overseeing warehouse logistics and executing purchasing responsibilities. Mark has developed numerous top products in the industry, and continues to conduct negotiations with licensors such as Bravado and Warner Brothers. When Mark isn't busy making shopping scary simple, he can be found in the Dairy Queen parking lot destroying a Blizzard, attending his son's football games, and touring legacy fans around the old Morbid Inc. offices. 
Favorite Halloween Movie: Silver Bullet
Favorite Halloween Candy: Snickers (Frozen, not Room Temp)

Emilee Cocuzzo

Wicked COO

A strategic and analytical project and operations manager with over 5+ years of experience.

Emilee is running the operational components of Deja Boo. From inventory to data management, Emilee ensures the product gets to the customer scary fast! 

When Emilee isn’t running spooky spreadsheets, you can find her playing golf, rooting for her favorite women’s professional soccer teams, and relaxing on the coast of Maine.

Favorite Halloween Movie: Beetlejuice
Favorite Halloween Candy: Junior Mints (Straight from the Fridge)