Deja Boo Ambassador Program

Join the Deja Boo Crew and become a Brand Ambassador!

Here at Deja Boo we believe that success is nothing without our passionate supporters. For the people who celebrate Halloween 24/7, 365 days a year, every year, we would love to celebrate this spooky season with you. This is why we have created the Deja Boo Ambassador program where passionate Halloween enthusiasts can join a spooky cast of influencers in sharing some of the most unique Halloween props and products available through Deja Boo!
As ambassadors you will be able to select one of our super scary, realistic movie quality Halloween mask and review it to your friends and social media followers. From our IT-style scary clown masks, to our Call of Duty inspired Zombie masks, we have it all here at Deja Boo.
Additionally, ambassadors will also receive personalized referral code that will give a discount to their followers, as well as a percentage of profits generated from each order using their unique referral codes. Sign up to become a Deja Boo Ambassador here or below!
Take a look at our exclusive collection of realistic, spooky, scary, Halloween masks perfect for adult men and women Halloween costumes: 
Share your passion for all things spooky by becoming one of our ambassadors. We are still actively looking to accept new folks to our team of ambassadors! Please contact us inquire more info about the program!